• I pledge to help educate people about racism within my community!

    - Nikki

  • Racism doesn't just affect the victims, it affects us all because it brings negativity into our lives.

    - Andrew

  • I pledge to do all I can to eradicate racism from society!

    - Deborah

  • I pledge to stop racism. I strongly believe that we have come too far and that it has to stop right now.

    - Louis

  • My goal as an artist is to challenge and bring awareness to the inherent racism and stereotypes in Australia. 

    - Suzanne

  • I support the goals and ideals of anti racism. Your organisation does a fantastic job. A great web site.

    - Jenny

  • If somebody is racist you should not pay attension and you should tell the closest teacher.

    - Issac

  • Lets work together for a more harmonious and peaceful life. say no to racism!

    - Amber

  • I pledge never to discriminate ever again.

    - Ashlynn

  • I make a pledge to raise my child as a person who welcomes diversity in all its forms.

    - Claudia

  • I pledge to work towards positive learning/living spaces where everyone is treated with compassion and respect!

    - Holly

  • I do not want any child under my care to suffer either emotionally or educationally because of racism.

    - Samantha

  • We should all live in peace and happiness and enjoy life without having to worry about racism.

    - Melody-Anastasia

  • To stop the hate and racism we need to start from ourselves first..Let's stop with hate and spread love.

    - Ramazana

  • Everyone is the same and everyone is equal. :) No one should be treated differently and everyone is special. :)

    - Anon

  • There is no place for racism in Australia and especially our schools. Principals need to act immediately...

    - Robyn

  • Feeling of being racially let down is never a good one. Hope everyone understands that sooner !

    - Sabitha

  • Everyone has the right to be who they want to be and not feel shamed or afraid of that.

    - Renae

  • No child in any classroom should feel the teacher is treating them any differently because of race.

    - Janeen

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  • E-challenges: Computer based learning activities which allow students to explore racism and related issues.
  • Lesson ideas: Lessons designed to develop students' knowledge, skills and understanding of racism and cultural diversity in Australia.
  • Focus on the media: Links to media reports relating to racism and multiculturalism.
  • Puzzles and quizzes: Activities which aim to develop students' general knowledge of Australia's cultural diversity and history, human rights, racism and discrimination.
  • Comics: Comics which address racism and explore its impact.

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