School initiatives

Moorefield Girls promoting community harmony

For almost a decade the students and staff at Moorefield Girls High School have been actively promoting cultural diversity and countering discrimination through the work of the Multicultural Anti-Discrimination (MAD) group.

MAD, which is now comprised of all students and staff at the school as well as parents and community members, is dedicated to developing activities which develop understandings of multiculturalism and address discrimination. Specifically, MAD aims to:

Each year, the group co-ordinates an annual celebration called MAD Day. This event, generally held in November, involves the whole school and is designed to promote an understanding of the benefits of cultural diversity.

Moorefield Girls High School, located in southern Sydney, has a diverse student population from over 45 different cultural backgrounds. The school was recognised for its efforts in 1998 when it won the Director-General's Award for Excellence in Multicultural Education and features on the Speak soft, Speak sure website.

For more information, contact Moorefield Girls High School on 02 9587 6095.

The Moorefield Girls High School Bill of Rights for Racial Harmony