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Bonnyrigg High's Migrant Memories

25 Nov, 2009 09:17 AM
Fairfield City Champion

Bonnyrigg High students looking at presentation on whiteboardBONNYRIGG High School held its Migrant Memories exhibition last Wednesday night.

The exhibition, used interactive whiteboards to capture family migrant stories. The school received funding of $10,000 from the Department of Education and Training as part of a joint initiative with UWS.

Student Steven Lim was one of 20 year 10 students who interviewed members of the community for the exhibition and said it had certainly been a worthwhile experience. 'It was interesting finding out about the hardships that the migrants faced,' Steven said. 'We take everything for granted here. When you know what they have been through, you stop to appreciate everything a lot more.'

Suzanne Phan said she never realised the troubles that migrants had faced when they were coming to Australia. 'People had to leave families behind and some even lost family on the way,' she said. 'They faced obstacles like the sea and pirates.'

Deputy principal Jason McGrath said the exhibition made a big impression, especially on those who decided to give the school $10,000. 'The money was given to us to teach multicultural education in innovative ways,' Mr McGrath said. 'And we developed a web-based learning program for students in year 10 history and senior English.'

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