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The Mix Web Design Competition

On Tuesday 9th April students, parents, grandparents, teachers, friends and representatives of the government, education and multicultural sectors in South Australia gathered at the Migration Museum to celebrate the conclusion of The Mix Web Design Competition. The competition, co-ordinated by the Multicultual Communities Council SA and the SA Department of Education, Training and Employment, required schools to develop websites which reflected the cultural, linguistic and religious diversity of their school community.

Eight schools had made it to the finals of the competition - Goodwood Primary, Mawson Lakes, Unley Primary, Woodcroft Primary, Modbury High, Parafield Gardens High, Salisbury High and Whyalla High. Of these, two primary and two high schools were selected as the best entries. Qualifying for the finals was no easy task given the quality and, in keeping with the theme of the competition, the diversity of the website entries.

The winning schools were Unley Primary, Woodcroft Primary, Modbury High and Salisbury High. The Honourable Trish White MP, SA Minister for Education Services, presented certificates and computer software packages to students of the winning schools.

The Mix Web Design Competition was an intense experience for the students and teachers, with much work done out of school hours including lunch times and before and after school. Along the way, the finalists participated in Harmony Day celebrations at the Adelaide Town Hall and worked with Information Technology (IT) mentors from TAFE, UniSA, Next Byte Computers and Aspect Computers using the excellent facilities at The Technology School of the Future. Not only did students learn much about themselves and the diversity within their schools and the broader community, but also allowed students to develop skills in the IT area. According to one of the participating teachers,

"The competition not only recognises students' IT skills, but it gives the students a chance to work with an IT professional before the students actually reach the real workforce. They will know what to aim for, and that gives them a rare opportunity to see what can happen beyond their everyday schooling."

The competition would not have been such a success without financial support from partners Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs, South Australian Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission, Division of Multicultural Affairs and Next Byte Computers.

So successful was the inaugural competition that organisers are considering running it again next year. View the winning websites.

For more information, contact Phil Allan (MCCSA Senior Project Officer) on phone 08 8410 0300 or by email