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Celebrating community: Ashfield says no to racism

Ashfield Public School Artworks Celebrating community
A selection of student artwork

Ashfield Public School is a culturally diverse primary school located in the inner-west of Sydney. It has a population of approximately 250 students of whom 90% are from non-English speaking backgrounds. A number of initiatives over the past three years have become intrinsically linked in the promotion and celebration of a culturally inclusive learning environment and form the basis of the school's anti-racism strategy.

Ashfield is building a strong sense of community identity and respect for cultural differences through a process of building school and community partnerships and increasing opportunites for parent participation. Pa rents from diverse cultural and language backgrounds meet and work together in a variety of ways to learn about the school community and support learning programs for their children.

It is within this inclusive environment that the school launched its anti-racism education project this year. The 2002 project builds on and extends ongoing anti-racism initiatives of previous years which have included:

Specific features of this year's anti-racism project include:

Assistant Principal Liz Davis, Community Language teacher Sandra Lau and teacher Lisa Shortland are staff members of the Anti-Racism Steering Committee. The school will move into the next phase of its anti-racism education project in 2003.

For more information, contact Ashfield Public School on 9798 4400.