School initiatives

Harmony Day 2003 at Mount Gambier High School, SA

We were very pleased to receive this report from the SOSE Coordinator at Mt Gambier High School in South Australia.

Harmony Day 2003 - Mount Gambier High School students dressed in orangeIt was a strange irony that Mount Gambier High School celebrated Harmony day 2003 in the full knowledge that war in the Persian Gulf had just begun. Though banners, billboards, balloons and streamers decorated classrooms throughout the school and the trunks of the trees on the front lawns were wrapped in orange, a feeling of uncertainty hung over the students as they began their school day. Harmony Day exists to provide opportunities for students to consider the importance and place of harmony in their lives. It clearly took on a greater significance in 2003 as Australia woke up to scenes of warfare on our TV.

Students gave expression to Harmony voluntarily; the option of wearing Orange clothes saw a vibrant splash of colour added to the blue of the schoolyard. Students signed the 'Harmony Day Book', where they were given opportunity to express their understanding of and commitment to Harmony, while numerous classes made the day a focus of their activity. Students in the Yr 12 Food and Hospitality class prepared a fantastic lunch for the staff after staff cooked lunch for the school in term 4 last year, both were huge enterprises but fantastic promotions of harmony.

We were greatly impressed by the $120 raised on the day, half of which was collected from voluntary donations all around the school. This money will be given to World Vision and Amnesty international to support both their efforts in promoting alternatives for a troubled world. A big thanks must go to some of our Yr 12's for their efforts in running the diverse activities of the day, it was great that all levels of the school community were involved in the day.