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Celebrating Harmony at St Brigid's School

We were very happy to receive this report from the ESL teacher at St Brigid's.:

Young children with mums at park
Harmony Day 2003 at St Brigid's School

Harmony Day was a major event at St Brigid's Primary School, Kilburn, South Australia this year. With a diverse cultural and linguistic community, there was much to celebrate.

Leading up to the event, children worked hard designing posters to show what they believe Harmony looks like in our community. There were fab prizes for the best at each year level. The judges of course thought this was unfair because all entries showed a stunning amount of commitment and understanding. Teachers also used the Official Harmony Day Teaching guide to work with kids, helping to extend their understandings of multiculturalism and its benefits to us all.

On the day, we were all able to sleep in because school didn't begin till 11.00 am. When the home time bell sounded at 5pm we all went out to the playground which was ablaze with orange streamers, balloons and Harmony Day Wrap. There were marquees set up, a Polish Band playing and parents filing in with plates of piping hot food representative of our many cultural backgrounds. I think the spring rolls were the first to go, as usual.

While parents, family and friends enjoyed a shared dinner, the band played on. The evening continued with entertainment provided by our community members. We had a Vietnamese Butterfly Dance, Cook Island Dancers, West African Drums, East African Dancers, a Concert Pianist lulling us with love songs on the keyboard and some stunning Year 7 students who presented a story in both Vietnamese and English.

We announced the winners of the poster competition and it was a relaxed and fun evening for all. In fact people are already discussing what we might do next year!