School initiatives

Friends Through Film

A project by Cabramatta High School and Davidson High School


Our project aims to build understanding, tolerance and friendship between two diverse high school communities. Ten students each from Cabramatta High School (in Sydney's south-west) and Davidson High School(on Sydney's northern beaches) have come together to explore the similarities and differences in their experiences, using film as a creative medium. The end product will be a 10 minute documentary made by the 20 students (years 8-10) with the creative support and guidance of industry professionals.

Structure of the project
High school students recording with video cameras
Students focusing on friendship

The project was originated in February 2003 and will run until the end of May. There are three major stages:

  1. Three "buddy days": Wednesday 5 March (at Davidson HS), Tuesday 18 March (at Cabramatta HS), and Wednesday 14 May (at Cabramatta HS). Students visit each others' school for a morning, to experience what life's like at the other school. The students will be trained by industry professionals in camerawork and sound, and will film these days as they are experiencing them.
  2. Ideas and "scriptwriting" day: Thursday 1 May. Having experienced each other's schools, the students come together for a day to workshop ideas on content and agree on the final "script", with the guidance of industry professionals. If required, students do extra filming, or interviewing, over the following two weeks before the film is edited and finalised.
  3. Premiere night: Thursday 29 May 2003. This will be a major event! It is being held at a 210-seat cinema at the Valhalla Cinema in Glebe. All students of both schools, and their families, as well as community leaders, politicians and film professionals, will be invited. There will be refreshments, an MC, brief speeches from two students from the project, followed by a viewing of the film. The NSW Premier, Bob Carr, will open the evening.

One of the organisers of the 'Friends Through Film' initiative writes: "This project has been a great opportunity to have a direct impact in the lives of two large school communities (1600 students, plus their families and teachers), as well as to participate in something which will have a lasting effect in building tolerance, understanding, and friendship in our community."

For more information contact Michelle Fahy, Project Coordinator: