School initiatives

Parramatta District NSW Young Poets Anthology

Parramatta District celebrated National Literacy and Numeracy Week with a poetry competition for all students, Kindergarten to Year 12. This culminated in the publishing of the Young Poets Anthology 2003. Included in the collection is a multicultural category in which students were encouraged to celebrate the cultural and linguistic diversity of our society, highlight the Australian migrant experience, value cultural heritage and identity and relate to settlement experiences.

There were five age categories and finalists were presented with certificates and prizes. During the presentation ceremony students recited their poems in small group situations, emphasising the significant spoken aspect of poetry. Students were also invited to participate in poetry enrichment workshops led by Australian poet and writer, Deb Westbury.

View and recite students' poems:
FREEDOM and Insides
I am Australian
Everything is you

For more information : The Literacy Consultant or the ESL/ Multicultural Education Consultant, Parramatta District Office. Telephone 02 9683 9641