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World Refugee Day at Canterbury Girls High School, NSW

Girls Celebrating World Refuge Day at Canterburry Girls HighREPORT FROM WORLD REFUGEE DAY - June 20th
from Ms Tranter with the help of the Year 11 Society and Culture students.

The theme for World Refugee Day this year was courage. It takes courage not to give up hope as a refugee and to make a new start in life.

The Year 11 Society and Culture students at Canterbury Girls High School needed courage as well, as they took up the challenge to promote WRD in the school community. They decided that they wanted to raise awareness about the conditions of refugees and to recognise the contributions which refugees make to the countries which host them. They also wanted to raise funds, to give some practical assistance to those refugees who have been forced to leave their homes and were living in overcrowded camps in Africa.

The class decided on a range of different activities that culminated in a full school assembly with invited guests from the community. Through their presentations beginning with a moving series of explicit images, a dramatised true story of a refugee boy fleeing his homeland, music and an energetic dance by the African students, refugees were celebrated for their resilience and courage.

The assembly was the first time for many of these girls to be in front of a large audience and on the stage. The ceremony was very emotional and uplifting. It certainly left an impression on all who experienced it.

Donations collected on the day meant that Canterbury Girls gave $960 worth of food aid to the refugees living in camps in Africa. This was an unbelievable effort on behalf of the students who organised and led the activities on the day. Our African dance group picked up many more invitations to perform next term. There were so many excited students as can be seen in the photo.

The students of Society and Culture worked extremely hard to raise the awareness about many of the problems that refugees face on their journey to start a new life. The children and families of the Sudan particularly thank you for your efforts.