School initiatives

Activities at Northmead High School, Western Sydney Region, NSW

Northmead High's World Refugee Day and Afghanistan Independence Day Activities

Afghanistan Independence Day was celebrated on 27th May at Northmead High. At a formal assembly a speech was presented by a year 12 Afghan student. He talked about Afghanistan and the problems the people there have faced over many years. The Assembly was followed by a lunch for staff, the Multicultural Committee(those students who participated in our region's Student Leadership Equity Forum) and members of the Student Representative Council (SRC). The luncheon consisted of all Afghan food prepared by the Afghan students and their parents. Afghan music, dancing and eating ensued and our many Afghan students were excited and proud to celebrate their national day.

On 20th June International Refugee Day was also celebrated at Northmead High. Ormondo Hurley, a motivational speaker entertained all students at a formal assembly. Ormondo, an African American actor (now living in Australia) spoke about how he overcame racism and its inherent hardships and evil to become an actor (he was in Matrix 2 made in Sydney). He spoke about how refugees have overcome these same problems and more to start a new life in Australia after fleeing repressive regimes in their countries. It was an inspirational day. All students received a blue ribbon to wear (this is the colour designated by the United Nations for World Refugee Day.)

That afternoon the staff were inserviced on problems facing refugee students at school as well as the trauma they have faced coming to Australia.

International Day of Tolerance in November is our next project.