School initiatives

Glenburnie Primary School Harmony Day 2007

The Year 3 students at Glenburnie Primary School in Mt Gambia discussed the meaning
of Harmony Day and wrote this poem.

Harmony Day

Harmony is joining hands around the world,
Attitudes need to be ones of respect and goodwill,
Respect others - their language, their feelings and their ways of doing.
Manners everyday, everyone! Smile! Say hello!

Opportunities for all - give everyone a fair go and chances for the good things in life!
New ways, new things - are interesting.
Let's learn from each other and share!
You can make the difference - help others, make peace not wars!

Differences in people don't matter - everyone has a heart, a mind and needs love.
And friendships, happiness, love and having enough money to live on
Makes the world spin around in cooperation and peace.
You do this and a happy life is possible for us all.

Celebrate Harmony Day!

Year 3 Class
Glenburnie Primary School
Mt Gambier
South Australia