School initiatives

Kegworth Primary students say no to racism!

Recently Class 4/5S at Kegworth Public School wrote expositions on the theme Racism does not belong in our society! The Racism. No way! website provided the stimulus for some very interesting and encouraging discussion and some well considered and written expositions.

The students developed impressive arguments which addressed issues such as the effects of racism on individuals, Australia's reputation, immigration and tourism and Australian society. Some of the expositions are reproduced below.

As one of its anti-racism strategies, Kegworth Public publishes a weekly newsletter for parents which provides information on anti-racism resources and initiatives. The newsletter also includes facts, from Face the Facts - a publication of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, which address common societal myths relating to Australia's history and cultural diversity.

View the students' expositions:
Holly and Ben
Jacob and Konrad
Josh and Alex
Kailee and Danielle
Lane and Corey
Maddie and Victoria
Oscar and Alexei
Stephanie and Fabia
Veronica and Rachel