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John, Postcode: 2045
I will work tirelessly in all my interactions to promote ideals of intercultural understanding, harmony and peace. Racism does not belong in our world.

Keith, Postcode: 2021
I pledge my support. Racism really has to end

Liz, Postcode: 2168
Staff and students of Heckenberg Public School support Racism. No Way!

Louis, Postcode: 4066
I pledge to stop racism. I strongly believe that we have come too far and that it has to stop right now.

Kylie, Postcode: 5043
I support any person of any culture and I am proud to stand up and say Hell NO to Racism!

Rugby Youth Foundation, Postcode: 2142. We the coaches of the Rugby Youth Foundation are against racism in any way, shape or form. This statement will be implaimented through the RYF in the form of encouraging each individual, equal opinions and respecting each religion, culture and custom.

We the youth leaders of the Rugby Youth Foundation believe that racism is unacceptable and equality is all important. We can stop racism by addressing the problem and teaching others how to deal with different situations and accepting each other' s cultures.

As youth leaders we understand that racism should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Ragu Naidoo, Postcode: 2259
Lived experiences in an Apartheid era (South Africa). Will know when i see and hear racism and strive to eradicate in these instances.

Nicole, Postcode: 2460
It's not too big. If we each of us do all we can, at every opportunity, things WILL change.

Alex, Postcode: 2539
One of the worst things about racism is not doing or saying anything about it. I pledge to speak out against racism and educate those around me to do the same.

Ingrid, Postcode: 2026
I believe most strongly in the Human Right Charter and will not engage in racist behavior. I will challenge and educate any person in an appropriate manner as to create inclusion of all in our society,

Mitchell, Postcode: 5165
I am glad there is something like the racismnoway programme and hope it can be delivered to all schools including where I live and in regional Australia. Though I am not a victim of racism or racist treatment, we are all responsible to address situations where it has happened and challenge it, but also try to make people see what it is, since often it can be denied. Its the responsibility of individuals, families and our schools in public life to address this, but we also need to take action against it in government and the workplace, create stronger legislation that is inclusive to all, punishes racist behaviour, and strengthens our responses to stop co-vert forms of racism and common myths. I feel this programme will definitely help, and I will share this pledge.

Robert, Postcode: 2469
In a country as culturally diverse as Australia, racism should be a thing of the past.  It should have no relevance in any society, and this is especially so in this wonderful country. Diversity is at the basis of all life and is part of the reason why humanity is so successful.  We need all cultures to thrive in order to achieve humanity's full potential

Joshua, Postcode: 2830
I as a preservice pledge to get rid of racism in schools that I work in for prac and my first school that I get placed in.

Bahar, Postcode: 3008
As an individual I was a victim of racism in many circumstances. Mostly at shops when I wanted to buy something. at my workplace. This is because I have middle eastern background and it took many days to recover from those horrible manners . I wish one day we see Australia as a non racist place which people from all over the world can live together excluding their backgrounds. 

Krishan, Postcode: 0800
I think racism is a major issue in today's society and should be addressed more by the government and take action in collaboration with the media to stop this horrible form of discrimination.

Jenny, Postcode: 2560
I pledge to stop racism in its tracks

Yosmery, Postcode: 4012
Enough is Enough. There is an urgent need to educate people about what diversity means and how everybody benefits from it. Let's live in peace and respect each other rights.
We all have the right to feel safe and respected. I respect your rights so respect mine too.

Elle, Postcode: 2260
I am a preservice teacher with a child of Aboriginal heritage. It is my aim to become the kind of teacher every child will want because I aim to have an open classroom that counters racism in all its ugly forms.

Mike, Postcode: 2119
We are all one under the sun.

Nicky, Postcode: 2133
I'm sick and tired of the racism in Aus, when are we going to realise that we do not own the suburban dream at the expense of others.

Kathlyn, Postcode: 4305
I pledge to do all I can to eradicate racism from schools and society!

Dom, Postcode: 2444
Racism is the most meaningless but most destructive emotion on this planet - peace can be accomplished just by eliminating it from society. Big ask but everyone that joins the fight is making change. I pledge my support to any cause that is supporting anti-racism.

Shana, Postcode: 2447
What a wonderful service you all are doing in providing such up to date progressive information to support teachers, schools, parents and communities in the fight against racism and for justice. "We who believe in freedom can not rest until it comes" (for all)-Sweet Honey in the Rock, Ella's Song.

Tristan, Postcode: 6725
People need to speak out when they see prejudice and discrimination occurring, even if is is a friend using a racist derrogatory term. People need to know that rascism is out there and that it can be reversed.

Postcode: 5251
I am a third year education student studying Aboriginal Education which has been a massive eye opener. I will pledge to do what ever is needed to provide a safe, racially aware environment for all of my students in the future.

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Many schools, students and teachers have already demonstrated their commitment to countering racism through their involvement in developing and implementing anti-racism education initiatives.

By recording your name and comment here, you can demonstrate your support to the goal and principles of anti-racism education and eliminating racism in Australian schools and society. By collecting the names and comments of supporters, we aim to demonstrate the strength of this commitment.

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I hereby pledge my support for the goal and principles of anti-racism education
and will work towards eliminating racism from our schools and society as a whole.


Schools contribute to Australia's prosperity and social harmony by enabling all students to achieve their best educational outcomes in learning environments free of racism.


A just society

Schools impart the values of a just, democratic and harmonious Australian society with a shared commitment among all members of the school community to human rights and civic responsibilities.

A safe and secure environment

All members of the school community - staff, students and parents have the right to a safe and productive teaching, learning and working environment free from racism.

Diversity and cultural identity

Cultural and linguistic diversity is acknowledged and valued so that all students, parents and employees are able to express their own cultural identity, relate in a positive way to others of diverse backgrounds and recognise the benefits of diversity for Australian society.

Culturally inclusive education

Curriculum, resources, assessment and teaching practices value and respond to the cultural and linguistic diversity of the community and provide educational experiences that are inclusive of the diverse needs of all students.

Equitable access, participation and outcomes

Students of all cultural or linguistic backgrounds participate in quality teaching and learning programs that enable them to achieve their full potential.

Additional anti-racism initiatives
ARHC Human Rights Commission National Campaign to make a stand against racism.