I hereby pledge my support for the goal and principles of anti-racism education
and will work towards eliminating racism from our schools and society as a whole.

Postcode: 5047
As a soon to be teacher, I will teach my students that there is no such things as 'racism'. We are all one race.

Postcode: 2119
I pledge to fight against racism in case. Racism is illegal. I will stop racism as far as I can go. There are those people who deserve respect so that is my deepest belief no more racism.

Postcode: 5091
We need to talk honestly about racism and how our government has policies which disadvantage others whilst at the same time protecting and elevating the white dominany culture.

Lynda, Postcode: 4508
I pledge to work towards eliminating racism from society as a whole.

Postcode: 2867
Racism should no linger be an issue in today's society. Keep up the good work Racism No Way to help work towards eradicating racism.

Postcode: 6000
mazing website - thank you for educating me, hope you'll help to educate many more.

Postcode: 3266
Very Good Site

Postcode: 2830
i pledge that despite the constant immature comments from "professional" staff members  surrounding racism that i will strive to fight for the slogan There is only one race humanity.

Postcode: 3053
working towards eliminating racism

Postcode: 3284
it should be stopped

Postcode: 2607
We want a world where racism does not exist. This starts with the education of children.
This includes education about bystanders and their ability to stop racism in its tracks when they see or hear it.

Postcode: 3199
Fight hard to eradicate racism **

Postcode: 3350
I pledge to help educate people about recism within my community!

Postcode: 3842
It is time to respect one another!

Postcode: 4878
I pledge to do all I can to eradicate racism from society!

Postcode: 5575

Postcode: 4869
I grew up in a diverse family.  It didn't matter what colour you were, if you had a disability, whether you were rich or poor, or anything else that made you different.  We were a mixed bag of lollies and family was family.  I love Australia because we are one big mixed bag of lollies - each and every one of us sweet and beautiful.

Postcode: 5290

Postcode: 2148
Racism doesn't just affect the victims, it affects us all because it brings negativity into our lives. We need to work together and honour our shared citizenship of this brilliant country.

Postcode: 2153
I am a preservice teacher who has witnessed racist attitudes at a public school.  I want to incorporate anti-racism into my lesson plans to address this issue.

Postcode: 3001
It just won't go away, will it?! We have to do whatever we can as a nation, as a community to eradicate this insidious societal disease. Each of us need to do our own part, if we see instances of racism, to have the balls to stand up and say no this is not on. We have laws in this country against racism. I encourage people to report any kind of racism. I encourage people to not whisper but make a song and dance, shout out against any type or form of racism.


Postcode: 2761
No matter where we are from , were all human! Racism no way!

Postcode: 2912
Racism does not only damage people from different ethnicity, it also harms Australia's international image. Reports after reports are telling us Australia is one of the most racist countries in the world, shame on us all. I have been overseas many times and have heard how the other travelers talk about how racist we are. This is pathetic. 
Racism also impairs our development as a country. Imagine a company that only employs white people, compared with a company that only employs the best people from all sorts of backgrounds and ethnicity, which one do you think will succeed in the modern competitive society?

Postcode: 2045
I pledge to promote all human rights initiatives which aim to eradicate all forms of racism in our schools, communities and society.

Postcode: 3550
Racism is terrible in all its forms. Each person in each country can experience it differently. Let's think globally as well as nationally to help make it a part of the past rather than a stain on our present.

Postcode: 3224

Postcode: 6147
We have have the basic right to feel safe, there is no place for racism in a civilized society...time for every one of us in Australia to reflect and respect.... Racism sucks!

Postcode: 2777

Postcode: 2250
I actively support  the goal and principles of anti-racism education, and to eliminate  racism in Australian schools and society. Every day we can make a diifference to a child, a family and a community. 

Postcode: 3070

Postcode: 2112
I think the amount of racism in Australian school is disgusting, we are meant to be one of the most multicultural countries in the world. People need to open their eyes and understand that racism is NOT OKAY. I want a world where everyone can fit. Especially at primary and high school. Racism. NO WAY.

Postcode: 3340
I'm from a school somewhere near Melbourne and I am strongly against racism.

Postcode: 2121
I pledge to make every effort i can to prevent racism and to treat all people equally, as they are in Gods eyes. Australia claims to be multicultural: its time that we achieve that standard!

Postcode: 4113
Let's create a better world :)

Postcode: 6159
Everyone deserves to be treated the same.

Postcode: 2640
racism sucks
racism is when people make other people feel bad about their colour
racism is against the law
if somebody is racist you should not pay attension and you should tell the closest teacher

Postcode: 3161
I myself can not tolerate racism simply because the world is a village divided between good and bad brothers... sometimes we all need to admit we are from what we come from and respect the other's land but assuming that it is also our land as we are all brothers. i love australia and i was not born here, my admiration for all the first australians has no words, the future is very uncertain for them but i will respect their land. thanks aboriginals for looking after this beautiful land so well.

Postcode: 3103
Racism on the internet is getting out of hand! I have witnessed more and more times people saying really awful things on facebook and it makes me sad. All people are created equal and people should not be judged based on the colour of their skin or religion.

Postcode: 3158
I work as part of an Outside School Hours Care program. I pledge my ongoing support to help counter racism and will do my best to assist in eliminating it from our schools and society as a whole.

Postcode: 2617
This is for a student who spoke out about "racism" in his english assessment , which at the end he said " I've learnt I will just have to just accept racism." With tears in my eyes, I felt no that's not good enough. So I wish to endeavour to erase that feeling from anyone's mind, we must respect all and learn from all, just know you too will enrich our lives. I pledge to inform more of "stop racism" campaign.

Postcode: 3021
I believe in the rights of all children, young people and adults to be respected and free from thoughtless and intended forms of racism. I pledge to strive both personally and professionally to bring unconscious and conscious forms of racism into an arena where people become educated about the impacts of racism and make some positive change.

Everybody love Everybody!!

Postcode: 3040
My goal as an artist is to challenge and bring awareness to the inherent racism and stereotypes found in Australia. 

Postcode: 2289
I support the goals and ideals of anti racism. Your organisation does a fantastic job. This is a great web site

Postcode: 2162
I stand up

Postcode: 3032
I pledge to educate everyone and anyone I can about the damage caused by racism and the overwhelmingly positive effects of diversity in our society.  Racism: it stops with me.

CJ Martin
Postcode: 3170
To me racism is like cancer, a social cancer. It needs to be cut out. And I pledge with all in my power to help stop racism for good.

Postcode: 4020
The deep knowledge and findings in the diverse cultures around the world gives us all a deeper appreciation of our own lives.  To risk losing that is to risk losing a part of our own selves.  We choose fear over growth, competition over collaboration, focusing on divides rather than comparing notes.  This is our world, for our children.  Tolerate? no lets not tolerate.  For the word tolerate almost sounds like one has to give something up to make space for something else.  How about giving thanks to creation for opening up so many places in ones space.  How can we not...  

Postcode: 4455

Postcode: 2287
Wallsend Public School is proud to support the Racism No Way! project and encourages all of our students to be tolerant of our cultural diversity.

Postcode: 3204
I am doing an exhibition on Racial Discrimination at school. I hereby pledge my support for the goal and principles of anti-racism education and will work towards eliminating racism from our schools and society as a whole.

Postcode: 2171

Postcode: 2749
I will continue to use my position as a teacher, friend, sister, daughter, community member, and citizen of Australia to educate and eliminate racism from OUR schools and from OUR society!!!

Postcode: 2049
Racism hurts us all. Not just the targets. It divides families and friends when we ignore it. I am taking my first steps to help eliminate racism from our world.

Postcode: 4121

Postcode: 5223
what we need is a great big melting pot

Postcode: 3934

Postcode: 3936

Postcode: 4211
Lets work together for a more harmonious and peaceful life. say no to racism!!

Postcode: 3936
I pledge never to discriminate ever again.

Postcode: 3934

Postcode: 2137
I make a pledge to raise my child as a person who welcomes diversity in all its forms. I embrace all people and cultures and find that diversity in my environment enriches my world. I will also challenge racism whenever I experience it in the hope that people may open their hearts and be more accepting and tolerant to cultures and customs they are not familiar with.

Postcode: 3191
At our school we have made an entire exhibition towards equality, I am doing racism, we are encouraging others not to discriminate.

Postcode: 3429
I pledge to continue challenging those with racist views, to educate them on the realities of embracing a multicultural society and working toward acceptance of all. We are all one.

Postcode: 3137
I do not care if you are up the street, around the corner, interstate, or in another country, you could be on the moon and I wouldn't care. You are a human, and you deserve to be treated like one.  I pledge to stand up to racism and help people to understand that everyone deserves to be treated with respect, fairness and dignity.  Say no to racism.

Postcode: 5159
I am a preservice teacher and I have just recently completed a topic in Education, where it helps teachers be aware. It was a great experience providing great understanding. We are all humans, we all share this planet, we are all equal. I pledge to make a difference and help eliminate racism, at the best of my ability.

Postcode: 4000
I looked at why I had racist views in certain areas.  I sat down and reflected on why I felt like this and began to challenge where my views came from.  There have been impacts on my relationships with famly and friends, but I have worked out that racism and racial hatred does not belong in my set of values.

Postcode: 2550

Postcode: 4825
I pledge to help bring all nationalities who live under the Australian flag together through educaton, support and awareness.

Postcode: 3199
As adults we need to teach our children to respect all people,, my child has always attended school with children from all the countries of the world she does not differentiate between any of them she does not understand racism because she has not been taught racism.  We are all Gods children we need to love each other as He wants us to, what a happy place the world would be. I pledge to do all I can to stop racism. 

Postcode: 2042
Absolutely tired of the casual racism that pervades life in Australia. Stereotyping is not funny, it is depersonalizing and destructive. I'm also tired of being called uptight if I object to it. It is not necessary, people are people, let's get that message out there!

Postcode: 2161
Make the world a better place pplz

Postcode: 5238
Racism is ugly, meaningless and unecessary. I pledge to work towards positive learning/living spaces where everyone is treated with compassion and respect!

Postcode: 3178

Postcode: 4078
I pledge to never think of racism as a bad thing! 
when its not! it's the most HORRIBLE, UNMEANINGFUL thing EVER!
I will not stand for it !

Postcode: 2261
I am pledging my support to stop racism in schools. Calling people racist names is not acceptable, neither is telling racist jokes. I want to help stop racism in my school.

Postcode: 110331
All hearts beat as one.

Postcode: 2060
Racism is a no go what is the point in it?

Postcode: 2795
I am a preservice teacher and when I go out into schools, I do not want any child under my care to suffer either emotionally or educationally because of racism. No child should have to go through that.

Postcode: 2287
This is a fabulous website and thank you for the practical resources and links. I am proud to be an educator who believes in anti bias education.

Postcode: 2567
I pledge to help eliminate racism from society. Everyone deserves respect, it doesn't matter where you come from, everyone is equal. Racism should be stopped, everyone is human which means everyone has feelings. Racism destroys happiness and joy. Make a change and... STOP RACISM!!!!!!

Postcode: 2567
I pledge to eliminate racism from society. We should all live in peace and happiness and enjoy life without having to worry about racism. Please help stop racism!

Postcode: 77230
"Can't we all just get along" To stop the hate and racism we need to start from ourselves first..Let's stop with hate and spread love. Please join my facebook page ''Let's STOP Racism'' Thank u so very much... Much love beautiful people ! (:

everyone is the same and everyone is equal. :) no one should be treated differently and everyone is special. :)

Postcode: 4218

Postcode: 3665

Emilie and Nathan
Postcode: 3226
we think that it is truely great that people are standing up to racism. i dont see why it happens. We all live under the same sky and should all get along equally because it doesn't matter if you're black or white tall or small or anything else.

Postcode: 3226
I like that you made this website - good job

Postcode: 2282
There is no place for racism in Australia and especially our schools. Principals need to act immediately to racism...not bury their head in the sand. Racism is so destructive. Everyone needs to feel safe and respected. Racism and bullying go hand in hand. Our schools need to stand up and be counted and teach children from a young age to respect others!

Postcode: 6104
Actions always speak better than words. My pledge is to put the words to action to help prevent racism in all possible ways. Feeling of being racially let down is never a good one. Hope everyone understands that sooner !

Everyone has the right to be who they want to be and not feel shamed or afraid of that. Life is hard enough without dragging in racism. Get over it, be a bigger person.

Postcode: 2632
we are one race. no child in any classroom should feel the teacher is treating them any differently because of race. i'll always stand against this.

Postcode: uganda
thank you, i wish you bring that in uganda

Postcode: 2565

Postcode: 2113

Postcode: 5082
I am a preservice teacher currently designing a unit plan on racism to use in my practicum. Your website has provided some good resources, thanks! Hopefully my unit can inspire some kids to analyse views on racism and make some social change!

Postcode: 2126
we must stop racism

Postcode: 06067
I am fully committed

Postcode: 2190
I think racism is not a joke anymore. Racism is happening too often in australia

Too many people had been harmed because of racism. As a whole, we should stop this.

Postcode: 2783
I am a teacher and I am committed to finding ways to end racism in Australia and especially our schools.

Postcode: 3046

Postcode: 3182
As we have seen and experienced, racism doesn't just stop at the individual level, but can, and mostly does, lead to something much bigger. We ought to be more educated historically, culturally, and politically, to be able to criticise the governments and media for their contribution in building negative images of 'others' and thereby leading their citizens to unquestioned acceptance of racism and discrimination.

Postcode: 4224
I am pledging my organizations support to this cause, as enough is enough, when it comes to any kind of bullying, people need to be tolerant of the diversity's within communities and not so quick to jump into or onto the bullying band wagon. Bullying effects our ongoing life even long after the bullying has stopped, it has mental health effects social development effects, and often can end in the victim taking his or her own life out of desperation THIS IS WRONG THIS MUST STOP

Postcode: 6061

Postcode: 4001

Postcode: 634034
No way to racism. I'm a student from Russia. Now I'm working on the project to show children that there's no difference between any people in the World and how to LOVE each other. NO WAY TO RACISM

Ravi kona
Postcode: 3051

Postcode: 2160
I have just finished High School, and I feel that being part of a community means taking responsibility and caring for those that are discriminated against. I also feel that Australia's multiculturalism is something to be proud of, and should be supported and upheld in all facets of society.

Postcode: 4737

Postcode: 58-506

Postcode: 7250
I pledge to create learning environments free from racial prejudice. I will endeavour to critically reflect on any biases I have acquired during my education and ensure I am ethical, responsible and caring in all my communications with my peers and the up and coming generations. Peace to all!

Postcode: 3737
I pledge my support to the idea that people should always be judged by the content of their character, and never by their skin, their ethnicity, or their faith. We must fairly and accurately assess people based on true understanding, and not on the prejudices which popular culture and the misapplied education system teach us.

Postcode: 3677
I work in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education and am constantly amazed at the white supremest attitude that is still alive and well amongst white Australia today. Education is the way forward, reculturing our schools and the wider community by telling the truth about what Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians have suffered in the past, and how we white Australia enjoy success today because of the policies that were signed off by past Governments. Walking in two worlds is reality for Indigenous Australians and we need to acknowledge the past wrongs and look towards the future together. It is time to respect local cultures and knowledges and utilise the knowledge of local Elders. Get informed and by educating ourselves abolish racism from our language and thoughts.

Postcode: 3500

Postcode: 6148
Multiculturalism is in Australia to stay and conflicts with the White Australia Policy that still lingers in the air. Hope its not for long for I pursue a happy and harmonious school life for my children. Attitudes judgements and treatment for all students within the school system must be fair and just, black blue or brindle. Teachers are responsible in playing big role for making or breaking the future of our children through the school system. The sad reality is children are judged by the colour of their skin.

Postcode: 4341
I believe that everyone has a right to be able to express their cultural identity, enough is enough! STOP RACISM IN AUS!

Postcode: 2077
I am a Counsellor, committed to not just helping people who have been affected by racism but by helping those who have affected others to understand the consequences of their actions. We all need to do better.

Postcode: 3977

Postcode: 3038

Postcode: 2527
I am studying to one day become a teacher, and i highly value the efforts of ani-racism groups. The next generations deserve to live and learn in a supportive and fullfilling environment alongside many cultures and nationalities, other than their own.

Postcode: 2150
I am 10 years old and I don't want to see my Aboriginal friends being left behind.

Postcode: 2527
I am studying to one day become a teacher, and i highly value the efforts of ani-racism groups. The next generations deserve to live and learn in a supportive and fullfilling environment alongside many cultures and nationalities, other than their own.

Postcode: 6019
I am 26 years and from Sweden, studying Political Science. One of my missions in my every day life is to work for a equal society between all people, no matter gender, culture. I arrived to Australia one year and I have been working at country pubs in WA. The racism in Australia shocked me so much. It make me sad but even more motivated to work with what I beilive in, democracy and peace!

Postcode: 4078
i hate racism..

Postcode: 4305
i am fed up and sick of racism. it is everywhere and something needs to be done to stop it. it ruiens peoples lives. we are all the same, we all bleed the same colour. no matter if your black or white, we are all human. we should all be treated the same. racism needs to end. i pledge to pledge to be against racism, help towards stopping it and helping others see that racism is evil and isnt needed. its wrong.

Postcode: 6069
Racism should not be tolerated in any form. Good on you for taking this step. Will support in any way...:)

Postcode: 0871
There is no place in society for racism. No one is better or greater than the other, we are all human beings. Sadly for some, you need to remind them, time and time again. We all need to work together to weed out this evil. What is concerning for me, is how in society today we have become so cunning in the way we speak, and use words. Some think they are clever, when they put other PEOPLE down, based on race, but the truth is they are really ignorant and stupid. Education is so important and I believe we all need to do our part, to weed out racism. If you hear or see someone using or saying derogatory terms or language, pull them up, or report them , to authorities. Racism is not on, in any quantity.

Postcode: 2170
I have been living in Australia for 15 years having to escape after the Iraq war between 1990-1992 and finally settling here. I had my fair share of racism when we started to settle in our new home that made things difficult but these days, people are becoming more aware of different cultures and religions. I think in order to eliminate racism, you have to start with the younger generations and educate them about these issues. I think what your organisation is doing is fantastic and it will make the future generations more aware and informed.

Postcode: 4551

Postcode: 3450
I think every individual should have the right to be treated equally, and live peacefully in society without any discrimination because of their race. Involving students in anti-racism campaigns around Australia is a fantastic thing! We're teaching young individuals about a cause that is fundamental to continuing equality in our society..

Postcode: 2710
I think every individual should have the right to be treated equally, and live peacefully in society without any discrimination because of their race. Involving students in anti-racism campaigns around Australia is a fantastic thing! We're teaching young individuals about a cause that is fundamental to continuing equality in our society.

Postcode: 2710
I pledge to speak up when I hear people making racist comments - so often we hear people, in every day conversations making racist comments and thinking it is okay to do this BUT it is not okay. It is time to step up and speak out.

Postcode: 2035
Racism is purely a kind of ignorance and should not be tolerated. I pledge to speak up when racist comments are being made and to let people know it is not okay to judge others merely based on race.

Postcode: 4551
I would like to put my name and voice behind tryin to eliminate racism once and for all. I would like future generations to experience a world without hate and discrimination.

Postcode: 2147
Global economic forces do not wait for anyone, societies that are gether to build the future for our children, will be left behind. I am sure Australia is not that, Australia is a winner and will stay as a winner. So we all need to set our differences apart, and build on the common strengths while appreciating we are all different individuals. Even in the family all siblings behave differently. So let us rise above all and work together to build a great future for our nation and our kids.

Postcode: 4121
As a pre-service teacher, I see education as a tool to assist students of today becoming the citizens of tomorrow, who seek to understand and value multicultural Australia. Peace is possible, racism can become an attitude of the past, through educating students to value diversity in Australian society.

Postcode: 4881
I am a 44 year old Aboriginal woman, what a lot has changed since I was a child it gives me great pleasure to know history is being taught in schools now
and that Indigenous children can be proud, not ashamed of who they are in the school environment.

Postcode: 3136
I will educate myself as a teacher on the different cultures and ethnicities represented in my class and school
so that I won't act out of ignorance but understanding of a child/staff-members' background.

Postcode: 4503
I am so lucky to have friends from all different backgrounds and cultures. I`ve seen the devastation caused by Racism and I can`t wait until there is a world where it doesn`t exist anymore. Exceptence is the only way that there will be Peace throughout all different Cross sections of Society.

Postcode: 4305
It is time to say no to racism, people should not be living in these conditions!

Postcode: 3188
Treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. We need to value each other, to listen, to share and be generous. NO MORE RACSIM

Postcode: 4051
Prejudice is destructive in all its forms, especially racism. We all have the responsibility to break down the ignorant prejudices that dominate the beliefs of so many Australians. I pledge to speak out whenever I witness racism and to educate those around me.

Postcode: 2790
I whole-heartedly support this pledge and wish to work towards a truly multicultural Australia

Postcode: 2768

Postcode: 3058

You have shed a ray of sunshine into the forum. Tkhans!

Pakistanis are not EVIL
Postcode: 3000
Being discriminated every day at work and being bullied by security staff who think i am a bad person and defend the racism as that the security in charge is "Geographically Challenged ".He openly referred to people from Pakistan as "bad people " and that he cannot trust people who came from "WAR ZONE"..I call on Australia to stop asking every individual their name of country and religion.It is not FAIR to judge people like this. I am not racist I am in Australia to have better future.

Postcode: 4703

Postcode: 2212
Racism is disgusting and many people are completely aware of this and yet it continues to occur in society. Racism is ugly and it is something that will not go away until action is taken by everyone who is aware of how bad it has gotton. My school is not a very multicultural school and in effect has some extremely racist students who are unaware of the damage they are causing in that students of different backgounds and religions are being tormented and keeping quiet about it. I pledge to make my school more aware of different cultures by introducing a multicultrual day and in doing so allow my school to be more harmonious and contribute to a more harmonious racism free society!!!

Postcode: 3135
I am a former teacher with teacher children. we are dedicated to having educators realise the ONLY way to eliminate racism and xenophobia in what could be/should be a decent country, is to have the strongest possible humanist and ethics education available to counter inherited prejudice, inflammatory media scaremongering and political expediency.

Postcode: 3429
My husband is of different race, colour and religion which has given me such an eye-opener to racism. I pity those who are in fear of the unknown.
To educate is to open minds and hearts.

Postcode: 4671
every day in every way i can. children learn racism from their parents and so forth and so it continues. this is Not new.
now australians in their class room settings are adding their voice to the hatred of my people learnt by the other australians. heart broken as always by this
unwarranted hatred.

Postcode: 2206

Postcode: 3034
'Racism is not born, it's taught.'
I pledge to see people for who they are and not by their race. i promise to do my best to eradicate racism in Australia and encourage others
to do the same. We cannot live peacefully in a world with racism.
It's time the world realised we are all human.

Postcode: 3042
'To live anywhere in the world today and be against equality because of race or colour is like living in Alaska and being against snow.'
I pledge to seee people for who they are and not by there race, i promise to do my best to eradicate racsim in Australia and encourage others to do the same.

Postcode: 3058

Postcode: 3654
i will do my bestttttttttttttttttt

Postcode: 4012
Enough is Enough. There is an urgent need to educate people about what diversity means and how everybody benefits from it. Let's live in peace and respect each other rights.
We all have the right to feel safe and respected. I respect your rights so respect mine too.

Postcode: 8702
That saves me. Tnhaks for being so sensible!

Postcode: 2076
awesome website.

Postcode: 4165
Racism breeds hatred and creates disadvantage for many communities.  The health and economic wellbeing of many people suffer and society as a whole pays the price.  I want to help end racism and pledge my support.  This is a great website :)

Postcode: 2601
I felt grateful that there was a institution like yours, fighting against racism and I hereby pledge that I would put my greatest support into Racism. No Way. I will be happy to dedicate myself as a volunteer if there is anything I can help.

Postcode: 2830
Racism hurts other unnecessarily. Even though it is hard to not get caught up in it once it starts, we all need to make an effort. Racism, it's just not funny..

Postcode: 2590
I Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.Thats what I live by and teach my children.
The treatment of refugees saddens me.
The Australian goverments ignorance frustrates me.
Your great work gives me hope for change I pledge my support.

Postcode: 2144
Racism is bad and shouldn't be Tolerated It doesn't help anyone we are all equal  it only takes one person to make a change..

Postcode: 2250
I am an education student and fully support the goals and principles  of the Education Department in eliminating racism in Australian society through education.

Postcode: 3550

Postcode: 2170
I pledge that all students should be able to start a good future without racism in their lives.

Postcode: 4350
The whole community needs to treat all people with respect and tolerance---two things sadly lacking in todays society. Courtesy and kindness can do a lot to make people feel happy and more inclined to do the same to others--the pay it forward principle. I try to teach the children in my care empathy,understanding and a willingness to learn from our indigenous friends, to have people from other cultures to come and share their knowledge with us. It is fun learning recipes,arts and crafts,and many diverse topics with our community.

Postcode: 89756
I pledge my support.

Postcode: 5096
I pledge to do all i can to promote equality within my classroom. To teach our children to embrace each others differences and perhaps even learn from them. I sincerely hope that other new teachers carry a similar attitude so that we may be able to bring a positive change to our schooling system.

Postcode: 2200

Postcode: 2757
Racism is just not right i have hard times at my school people call me dark choclate so stop this racism please thank you for all your help.

Postcode: 2620
I believe RACISM IT "S JUST NOT FUNNY we are all the same just because we have diffrent skin colour or even a different religion or culture what's the difference..

Postcode: 2757
Racism is just not right i have hard times at my school people call me dark choclate so stop this racism please thank you for all your help.

Postcode: 3060
It's amazng to think we still have not extinguished the racism fire. Let's keep working at it, side by side, united with one aim -to unify humankind.

Postcode: 2204
By law, it is a human right to be treated equally. Despite what ever race you belong to, you are still entitled to the same rights, as is everybody else. Stereotypes of different races have been constructed by society and this has got to stop.  Racism must be abrogated!l.

Postcode: 77598
The classroom is an excellent place for educating children about the perils of racism it the U.S. and the world. Let teachers all over the world school children that there is worth and importance in every human being.

Postcode: 2210

Postcode: 2088
We need to get to the bottom of our nation's culture to address all forms of discriminatory behaviour and I am dedicated to helping in this endeavour.

Postcode: 2602
Racism demeans us all.

Postcode: 2137
Do not see people as the colour they are, but as the person they are.

Postcode: 2260
I am a preservice teacher with a child of Aboriginal heritage. It is my aim to become the kind of teacher every child will want because I aim to have an open classroom that counters racism in all its ugly forms.

Postcode: 4508
I pledge to work towards eliminating racism from society as a whole

Postcode: 3113
you're human, i'm human, you have black hair, i have blonde, you bleed red, i bleed red, what is the difference?

Postcode: 2133
I'm sick and tired of the racism in Aus, when are we going to realise that we do not own the suburban dream at the expense of others

Postcode: 2262
I have recently undertaken a course based on Aboriginal Education and am disgusted at my lack of knowledge and understanding of what the Aboriginal people were forced to endure and still endure today. I have always considered myself a non-racist person, but now think my lack of knowledge has had me prescribe to some completely out of date thoughts. I pledge my commitment to working with students to enhance their understading of various cultures and to providing an atmosphere of inclusion for all.

Postcode: 2447
What a wonderful service you all are doing in providing such up to date progressive information to support teachers, schools, parents and communities in the fight against racism and for justice. "We who believe in freedom can not rest until it comes" (for all)-Sweet Honey in the Rock, Ella's Song.

Postcode: 6725
People need to speak out when they see prejudice and discrimination occurring, even if is is a friend using a racist derrogatory term. People need to know that rascism is out there and that it can be reversed.

Postcode: 4825

Postcode: 6164
Racism needs fear and insecurity to continue. Hopefully by using the principles listed on this site I will be able to play a part in deconstructing the fear that feeds racism.

Postcode: 6056
I have worked for a local newspaper for over four years and have had to tolerate racist comments on a daily basis. The fact that I have 1 Aboriginal son and 11 Aboriginal grandchildren did not stop the continual derogatory words used to describe the Aboriginal people such as "Filthy Boongs" "Dirty Abbos" etc. My grandchildren have never heard those words. I resigned last week. Now I intend to write a book about how racist this country really is.

Postcode: 4305
I pledge to do all I can to eradicate racism from schools and society!

Postcode: 6728
no more racism

Postcode: 2444
Racism is the most meaningless but most destructive emotion on this planet - peace can be accomplished just by eliminating it from society. Big ask but everyone that joins the fight is making change. I pledge my support to any cause that is supporting anti-racism

Postcode: 2233
helping kids to recognise how we are all the same eg. in our emotions whilst at the same time educating them on how to embrace and celebrate our differences is a noble and worthhwile cause. Thank you.

Postcode: 6430
Great website and really important Message. Will pass into my networks!

Postcode: 2280
racism is not only based on fear but also shows the hidden values in our society. I am horrified to see that the Anti Racism policy is not even mandatory in this country. does our government really want to get rid of racism or are there to many advantages for them to keep the people at least a bit racist.

Postcode: 2430
People who show racist behaviour are actually showing their intellectual retardedness, as only brainless people fear diversity of culture and colour. I feel sorry for racist people - they just don't have a brain to save themselves. I do believe education in general and learning languages, philosophy, art and music in particular can help fight racism.

Postcode: 5251
I am a third year education student studying Aboriginal Education which has been a massive eye opener. I will pledge to do what ever is needed to provide a safe, racially aware environment for all of my students in the future.

Postcode: 2799
To racism we all need to say NO WAY !!

Postcode: 2440
I am only a uni student, and not yet a teacher, but will use my knowledge of anti-racism as best i can for our children's futures.

Postcode: 6028
Racism needs to be eliminated from our environment, both within schools and the wider community. To help combat racism, children need to be educated from the early years as this will go a long way towards building a community of citizens who demonstrate racial tolerance and condemn racial practices and discrimination. We need our children to be prejudice-free and to embrace diversity in all shapes and forms if we are to live in a world that promotes harmony and peace.

Postcode: 2800
It's time all Australians stepped up to make a difference for Indigenous Australians.

Postcode: 2234
Racism needs to be a thing of the past!!!!

Postcode: 48314
We encourage this website to strive further, and at my school, my group partners and I put in a lot of effort to raise awareness of this terrible race issue found globally.

Thank you. This website has some very good ideas to support anti-racism. I have enjoyed reading the content. I hope that as a teacher, I will do my best to support these ideas.

Postcode: 2260
I'll do what I can by referring teachers to the resources available from this site. I'll also abide by DET policies in relation to discrimination and help educate people about the background and issues involving people from different cultural backgrounds.

Postcode: 5108
I am a redhead and currently a relief teacher.
Redheads I have recently discovered take a great deal of negative comments, 'Ranga' being one form of many in schools.
Its not racist, but it is discriminatory... and I can see that these effects MUST be happening to people of a different race than myself. There has to be a practical solution.
Out of the three schools I have worked, two of the schools have the same person hiring relief teachers as dealing with escalated student behavior.
The escalation of the discriminatory comments/behavior I have escalated does create work and put pressure on already busy (in my case) assistant principals. This MUST effect my chances of being hired again, WHETHER OR NOT the assistant principal folds to that pressure... the pressure is still there. (I have written about this in length at '' under the name 'Nate' under the link 'Redhead Employment Discrimination' if you're curious as to the issue of discrimination from the perspective of a redhead.)
Anyway these effects I have found can have highly negative consequences in the working environment of a relief teacher. You are pressured to not report behavior that by rights should be escalated, because you are worried that you may not be re-hired due to the fore-mentioned pressure.
It is difficult to prove that the reason you haven't been phoned for more work is down to the amount of admin work you create.
Whether you are a relief teacher facing racist behavior or a relief teacher handling racist behavior... having to report to and create work for the same person that hires you causes among other things inner-conflict, a sense of isolation and potentially the non/mis-reporting of racism.
I was always going to pledge my support to this site and its goals. Recent events as stated above have given me a new level of empathy for some of the issues involved.
I hereby pledge my support for the goal and principles of anti-racism and discriminatory education and will work towards eliminating racism and discrimination from our schools and society as a whole.

Postcode 5082
Hey, you guys should do wristbands like the livestrong ones, not so much as to make money but more so it's easier to promote anti-racist sentiment in society. Maybe like the Stand Up Speak Up ones from the EU - a black and a white one interlinked.

Postcode: 2440
Thank You. I hereby pledge my support for the goal and principles of anti-racism education and will work towards eliminating racism from our schools and society as a whole.

Postcode: 2060
I am studying to become a teacher and think this is a great resource to use when teaching indigenous perspectives and trying to teach my students about anti-racism.

Postcode: 2219
We're all earthlings and creatures of the universe. Let's remember how miraculous we all are.

Postcode: 2482
Great website. Well done DET!

Postcode: 2762

Postcode: 4215
Was brought up in racist central QLD. Took me a while to wake up but I've worked out that if you take each person on a case by case basis then you gain a hell of a lot more than by swallowing the stereo type ****. Strength Thru Diversity.

Postcode: 4133
I was brought up to be racist by my father and I still am a little bit racist, but I'm working on being anti racist as I have many friends who are not Australian but are better friends than my Aussie friends.

Postcode: 2529
I'm proud to join in eliminating racism from our country. Sadly, it's taken too long, and too many indigenous people have suffered and are still suffering because of it. This is a very positive journey to take!There's no 'peace' without justice!

Postcode: 2571
I think that this is a great idea and I was really impressed to see it on the window of a very small school that I was visiting while attending a course. I will definitely support this once my daughter goes to school. And if the school she attends isn't aware of it I will definitely bring it to their attention.

Postcode: 5034
Thanks for your support

Postcode: 3931
Racism is Un-Australian!
Anti-racists ...get active!

Postcode: 2619
Thanks for your support

Postcode: 4361
My grandsons' father is of aboriginal origin and I would hate to see my grandsons shunned because of their colour or parentage. I support any educational programs that will help to end the hurt and damage caused by racial discrimination.

Postcode: 95126
we all should treat ourselves as decent human beings from one creator regardless our race,color or class. Be a Muslim, Christian or what ever religion.

Postcode: 4306
Together let us stop racism. Let racism stop breeding from the places we call home Let racism stop from the words we say Let racism stop from the things we do But more importantly let racism stop from the things we DO NOT say and do.

Prepared Society
Postcode: Kenya 80100
We feel proud of you. There could never have been a better mission than yours. Keep the spirit alive...till racism, no more!

Postcode: 4227
Racism should have no place in our lives, and should never be condoned.
Education is our best means of combating ignorance and prejudice. It is so important to teach our children the value of cultural harmony, and if we infuse their learning process with these lessons, we will only be stronger in our campaign to eradicate racism from society.

Postcode: 2290
I am a teacher in a low socio-economic area, and a higher than average percentage of our students are Indigenous Australians or come from non-English speaking backgrounds. I am passionate about protecting these kids, as they have so much energy, talent and love to offer. It breaks my heart to see so many young people beaten down and destroyed by stupidity and ignorance. I will fight with every last breath in me to achieve an equitable and peaceful society in this country, as long as there are people out there who believe in human rights, we will get there.

Postcode: 2000
At times of escalation this is exactly what we need to address. I am sad to say that there is an overload of racism in our community and you have to ask yourself, Is this what we want our children to grow up with, Do we want them to be scared of who they are , the answer is NO we want them and everyone to be accepting of each other.

Postcode: 2112
I think this is the most appropriate action to be taking at such a critical time when our country needs it. We are at such a fluctuating time of aggression , intolerance and the destruction of innocence. We need to come together as a whole to help bring us all back together as a peaceful nation who is proud of its multicultural heritage.

Postcode: 3189
Imagine the world we would live in if every single person on the planet was racist. Conversely, imagine the same world where nobody was racist.

Postcode: 4744
I believe that racism is corrupting schools in these days, as kids have no respect and pick on others that are not their race. This website is good because it helps young kids understand racism.

Postcode: 0820
A great initiative! Let's all work together to help stamp out racism in Australia and around the world.

Postcode: 4109
Racism needs to be eliminated from society as a whole. Media outlets such as news and a current affairs programs have no right to instigate racial issues as a selling point.
Definitions of 'Australians' being exclusively caucasian are also wrong. These out dated values need to be irradicated and it is in my belief that the Australian media, whether it be commercial or government sponsored, should be actively seeking ways to better inform the public on ways to combat racism.

Postcode: 4870
Hi, I currently attend a public highschool & as one part of an ongoing homework project for my SOSE class we have been studying Pride, Prejudice & Persecution. It is wrong to judge somebody simply because they do not look exactly the same as you. So kudos to you guys for this page. Thanks.

Postcode: 7248
I think this should not be happening and racism is wrong.

Postcode: 2550

Postcode: 2400

Postcode: 2753
We are all equal as we were all created equal.

Postcode: 2870
I am a teacher and I pledge my support for the goals and principles of anti-Racism education. For the children who still suffer from the effects of Racism, please don't lose sight of your talents and the value of your cultural diversity. I was born in Vietnam and immigrated to Australia at 3 years old. As a child, I too was teased emotionally and abused physically and that affected my self-esteem and questioned my self-identity. I tried to ignore all forms of racism and focused my energy in doing my best in school, going to university, getting a job, contributing to society, building a happy family and help others less fortunate. The most important lesson growing up was to value my culture and not allow others make me feel ashamed about my culture. Despite the slow process, I think we are moving forward in the process of eradicating racism.

Postcode: 3181

Postcode: 60015

Postcode: 2902
I hate racism!!!! It's stupid and there is no point in it.

Postcode: 2480
Great site, great work. It is one thing to stand up against racism on a personal level but how do we stop institutional racism which is more often than not begins in our government polices. Education and interaction are what I believe we need. Break down the stereotyping.

Postcode: 2400

Postcode: 2112
Why are asians so bagged out...year 10s come up to us and push up around WHY?? i don't even know them i have been fed racism for 6 years and i hate every little bit of it, what's so good about insulting someone else because you think they are not equal to come everyone laughs at our eyes....WHY??? i don't get it....what's so funny.....racism is painful and i hate it

Postcode: 2126
My children attend schools with kids from a great many national and cultural backgrounds, and I am very glad of it. I don't see any us and them prejudice building.

Postcode: 2221
My school is totally agaisnt racism. we have so many different nationalities and i personaly hate the thought of people being picked on because of their race.

Postcode: 2480
hi im 16 and am going out with a gorgeous aboriginal person my nephews and brother dont agree with this and are racist i think this is so wrong to judge a person on their colour. this should be stopped

Postcode: 666staffs
i agree with mossy, racism is wrong and shouldnt happen to anyone, things need to be done to stop racism as it is occuring more and more often around the world. Kids are now growing up with racism and it will have a big effect on the way they live their life. Kick racism out!

Postcode: 2333
it is a good thing for a website like this to exist. it is incredibly hard for me as an asian girl to be among some australians in the school and every single day of my life.

Postcode: england
racism is a tun of bolex i think that racism is everywhere and in everyone. IT SHOULD STOP ryt nw!!!!! people convinse the inerstent to do what they think is ryt buh no its rong what do u fink about it? any way hope u all get your ways n it woz good going on this site thanx

Postcode: 03246
i want racism and discrimination to end. i hate seeing people getting hurt, and some people dying over it cause they cant take people picking on them because of the color of their skin, what they look like, and what enthic group they are in!! i just want all this to stop so we can reduce the death roll. i dont want people to get hurt cause some stupid people have nothing better to do then to pick on people

Postcode: 3124

We are some antiracist people from Turkey. We have made a web site about cultures in Turkey and we are against the religious and national racism. We support all the anti racist associations in world.

Postcode: 4211
I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Primary Education and undertaking Studies of Indigenous Australia. Through this subject and awareness programs such as Racism No Way I have come to recognise racism as an historic and varied societal problem which needs to be addressed on an individual as well as institutional level. As a future teacher, inclusion issues are something that have never been far from my mind.I believe cohension among individuals within the school community and wider society are essentially the foundation for success and function among people and groups. Thank you to all the people helping to shed light on this issue and eradicate it in the process.

Postcode: 4211
Racism is a historic and yet varied societal problem and thus needs to be addressed as such. As a future professional inclusion issues are something that have never been far from my mind. Cohension among individuals within the school community and wider society are essentially the foundation for success and function.

Postcode: 2264
I have just viewed your website for the first time and I am impressed. I am planning a community workshop and most of the Material I was wanting to incorporate is right here. I am a Wiradjuri woman working as an Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer and sincerely pledge my support to stamping out racism and discrimination. It is an ugly disease for which we need to to find a vaccination and inject this in to our community. The spread of this disease is already far too wide spread.

Postcode: 3060

Postcode: 4128
I am currently studying my Bachelor of Early Childhood and recently have been witness to what I thought was disgusting behaviour by some teachers within a local Primary School. I just think if teachers dont get it, what hope do our kids have!

Postcode: 4212
Racism is huge among teens of this moment. It's the WORST weapon against people of other cultures and backgrounds.
It needs to go, and we all need to be appreciated for our unique differences.

Postcode: 2470

Postcode: 2264
I have just viewed your website for the first time and I am impressed. I am planning a community workshop and most of the material I was wanting to incorporate is right here. I am a Wiradjuri woman working as an Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer and sincerely pledge my support to stamping out racism and discrimination. It is an ugly disease for which we need to to find a vaccination and inject this in to our community. The spread of this disease is already far too wide spread.

Postcode: 6084
I believe that the greatest challenge for teachers and schools in Australia is to build positive relationships between students of all races and to improve outcomes for Indigenous students.

Postcode: 2026
I pledge to support the goals and principles of anti-racism education as I believe every person has the right to an equitable and just education in a warm and safe environment. I will promote an appreciation for difference amongst peers.

Postcode: 5540
I love your work. I hope this stops me from being bullied.

Postcode: 2750

Ash, Chev and Drew
Postcode: 2581
We are like so totally against racism!!!! We want to put a stop to racism it is so totally WRONG. This should not be in our school, communities, town, city whatever.You should not have to experience it or witness it. So please if you can help, HELP and remind yourself SAY NO TO RACISM!!!!!!!!!!

Postcode: 4300
I have been subject to racism most of my life and I am definitely for anti-racism and anti-persecution and anti-bullying. You never know how much comments can hurt until its you who receives them. I am black although my skin is white, but I am a Proud Aboriginal-Australian.

Postcode: 3717
i hate racism!

Postcode: 2145

Postcode: 4558

Postcode: UB1 1NY

Postcode: 2135
racism is a huge problem and is growing all the time needs to be stopped

Postcode: 4054
I am currently a preservice teacher and I will actively seek to irradicate any racist behaviour from any school that I will work in in the future.

Postcode: 5035

Postcode: 10023
Bonjour! What a super websight! Very refreshing to peruse from where we live in Paris (France). Woold like more informations on this. Best regards!

Postcode: 2125
Racism should be stamped out at every opportunity possible.
There is no place for racism on this planet anymore and definitely not within the bounds and borders of this great country of ours Australia.
So if you choose to be racist find another home. This is Australia. We are ONE but we are definitely MANY and from ALL the lands on Earth we come. Racism will not and should not be tolerated. Australia is the home of multiculturalism and equality for all. That's why it is the greatest country on this Earth. No doubt about it.
Australia Says No To Racism!!!110%

Postcode: 3174
Thanks for your support

Postcode: 2110
i say no to racism!!! so should everyone else.

Postcode: 2450
i am a year 6 student and i cant stand when my friends are racist and i try and teach them not to be.

Postcode: 5133
I believe racism is a problem in the society of Australia and more work is needed to stop it.

Postcode: 2193
Everybody hurts through racism- for us to grow to our potential as human beings we must shed this baggage individually and collectively without a moments hesitation . Never tolerate racism.

Postcode: 7325
black man,white man,brown man,yellow man......HUMAN.

Postcode: 2251

Postcode: 3825
if u think about it, we are all human. the only difference between me or u and another person from a different race is just the appearance. we are all the same, we all have feelings, we all have the right to live and we all are humans that deserve respect. i think it's silly being racist, you're only putting negative thoughts into your head and probably the people around you, Peace out! =)

racism is terrible, no one should have to go through it, Australia is supposed to be multicultural....sure we are, but if we are so multicultural what's the point of being this if we can't accept other cultures...

Racism is just one more flavour of the sad view of the world, that some people seem to hold - that sameness is good and difference is bad.
I believe that diversity is a strength and that we have, in our multicultural society, a great way of learning about the complex and interesting world in which we live.
All cultures, all races, all people are capable of good, we are all also capable of evil. Horrors like the that of the Holocaust and more recently, ethnic cleansing Rwanda, Middle Europe under Slobodan Milosovic, and ongong tensions in the Middle East, should remind us that if we allow 'others' to become less than 'us' we are on a slippery downward spiral to taking away people's humanity.
Such a society is not the type of society my parents came half way around the world to build, share and celebrate here in Australia.
Societies that tolerate 'them' and 'us' conversations, and allow the creation of policies and laws to support such views can only anticipate distress, violence, suffering and even war.
So in the interests of building a better Australia for my children and their children:
I hereby pledge my support for the goal and principles of anti-racism education and will work towards eliminating racism from our schools and society as a whole.

Racism is bad,i hate it!!! Its really bad for pupils self confidence and it should NOT happen!

Hi, guys! Love the site.

Postcode: 2042
Racism is a crude and stupid approach to people who are different from oneself.
The racist is the sort of person who has no achievements of their own, and so tries to simultaneously bask in the success of others who just happen to have a similar skin colour and project their inadequacies onto those with different skin colour.
Keep up the great work!

I find your site very informative.

i am a white 13 year old and i am sick of all the racism, even in my family, oh they're scary gangsters and everything, well if we treated them better some of em woudn't think they were diffrent. and i am gonna try to make them understand that not all white people are bad. it makes me sick hearing about all the racism and i want to make a diffrence, so we can all get along.

Postcode: 5064
great work guys

Racism is destructive. Everybody in Australia deserves the right to equality regardless of their race.

I am Asian and live in the Sunshine Coast. I have received racial abuse from adults, fellow students in my school, sometimes even my friends and most apalling of all some of the teachers there. Hence, I pledge my support against racism in everyway possible.

racism is so not cool. we should stop all the cruelty and fighting.

We should all take responsibility for the racism in our own minds, our classrooms, our schools, our communities. Being simply nice or tolerant of one another is not multiculturalism. We need to transform our schools and our society to close achievement gaps and fight injustice everywhere.

We are here in a school in S. A. and we are busy doing a project on racism. Would just like to say that your website is of great help to people who want to take a stand against racism!


I find this initiative brilliant, I support it 100%


I think tougher anti-racism laws must be out in place to ensure we can live in a melting-pot of races and cultures in this wonderfully diverse country which is so accepting (most of the time) and lovely, primarily because Australia was built on Multiculturalism. The aborigines need more support as well, and the government needs to raise taxes to get more money out to the aborigines and refugees, and also ethnic councils. Islam must be welcome as well. Multiculturalism benefits us all. Monoculturalism doesn't work, we NEED multiculturalism.

We must teach our future generations the downside to ethnocentrism, and encourage integrated societies to rid communities of ethnic stereotypes. The Justice system needs to emphasize social justice for individual equality to prevail. Our society as a whole still has a long way to go, especially the media. We must teach our children to avoid racial stereotyping and also about the social factors that lead to such execrable consequences.



A good service

Racism is the root of all evil in our society. A multicultural society is what makes Australia such a unique and special place to live. Every culture, race, religion in human society needs to be cherished for its individuality. Saying no to racism is the the start towards the fight for peace on earth!

In view of the events of the last few days in Sydney every effort should be made to promote racial, ethnic and religious harmony,and the best place to start is in our homes and schools.


Postcode:HA9 8DD UK
Friends, I have only just found your website. Am writing immediately to say it's wonderful and I will be commending it widely. You may be interested to glance at some parallel work in the UK. It's at

Eradicating racism in our schools and communities is of the most paramount importance. Each child needs equal opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and accepting environment. When the seeds of tolerance are planted in a child, the message spreads through their families and into the wider community. As a student studying to be a teacher, I think a focus on anti-racism education initiatives in schools is crucial in fostering tolerance in a wider Australian context.



As a high school teacher I am committed to eliminating racist thinking amongst the students I teach. We are a predominantly anglo saxon community but people fear what they don't know and form stereotypes about people who look or act differently. Through many activities, including simulation games, I am seeing a positive change in my students understanding and I believe that many of them will stand up against racism in years to come.

As a newly trained teacher I believe it critical and imperative that I eliminate racism in my classrooms and beyond them.

I feel that in these increasngly conservative times in Australia it is very important to communicate clearly through whole school approaches in our schools, through the actions of principals, teachers and students the message that racism in any form is not acceptable. The message starts from the individual.

Hello, I am 11 and building an anti racism web site.

If more people got behind a great site like Racism. No way. I'm sure we could make this world a better place. Keep up the fantastic job!

"We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same" - Anne Frank

A group of us at school are doing a project on racism.


Racism should be stopped. It's horrible. We are all one and should be working together as one.

Keep up the excellent work

Great job guys! As a first- year primary school teaching student, I'm still discovering what a huge issue this is! It's overwhelming but very important that people are open to experiencing an understanding of the past.

Keep up the grand work guys

this page is great. u do a very good job. regards from austria

Postcode: 2250
I think the Racism, NO WAY page rocks!! I especially like Joannes (13) graffiti on the Graffiti wall with the two white and black people holding hands. I think it gets the message across very clearly!! I agree and think that adults who are racist should be put behind bars! I also think that it should not be allowed in the school ground either. I think the person who is being racist should be sent to the Princapal and have their parents called and told about their behavior. I myself have a black person in my class and when people are racist towards her i try my hardest to stick up for her. She is a very nice peson!! I think Racism should be illegal!! Thats all for now!

NO ONE should be hurt or dissatisfied just because of their colour. Its the people we are. I feel sorry for racist people and I want to make a difference.

Postcode: 2127
hey guys i just wanted to say racism is not cool. we should treat every one equally because we are all equal and its illegal and no one should participate in such behaviour

Postcode: 2135
I believe there needs to be stronger laws against racism. We need to stand up to people in a non violent way

Kiera and Melis
Postcode: 2137
hey guys... racism is wrong and anyone who participates in it really needs to work out why because it is wrong. the people you are discriminating against are no different from you. they just share different beliefs and cultures and im sure that if you got to no these people and spent time with them, you would learn to love their cultures and beliefs or you no hate them. we are not saying you have to agree with their ways of life but there is no need to make fun of them be rude or anything like that to them, because they are from a different race and background to you...if you are thinking that you get nothing out of this you are wrong. you get to make a new friend..:) guys. lets stop racism . its wrong and hurtful.. if you take some time to get to know them and their ways you might learn to love them!!!
take care, kiera n melis...

Kiera and Melis
Kiera and Melis hereby plegde our support for the goal and principles or anti-racism education and will work towards eliminating racism from our schools and society as a whole.!!!
I believe Racism is wrong. i think anyone who participates in such behaviour has a lot of issues they need to work out. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and getting to spend time with people from different backgrounds can be heaps of fun! you can learn their beliefs and ways of life. it doesnt mean you always have to agree or like them. Rasicm is wrong, make it stop!
Spend some time with the people you are hurting with the things you are saying to them, seriously, i'm sure you will find you have a lot of things in common and you'll also find yourself a new friend...
love Kiera and Melis!!!

I believe racism is one of the most foul problems in our world and i will do whatever i can to help put a stop to it. And unlike certain polititions (who shall remain nameless) i would like to say, sorry.

Unfortunately racism is a major part of many peoples lives. Racism undermines, torments and hurts people. I believe that the people who are racist have no heart and should stop and look at how their actions make people feel. I would like to help with the fight against racism. It has to stop!!!

Thanks for your support.

racism is evil and should be eliminated

Thanks for your support.

i will try my best to look out for other people who are being bullied or discriminated against. I will not judge people on their race, beliefs, culture and will try to make harmony with everyone

Postcode: 2141
I myself believe very strongly against racism and do think that it is morally wrong to persecute someone because of their ethnicity.

I think that anti-racism is a good thing, and that people should be more aware that the things they do and say that are racist may be hurtful to others. I think that racism is not part of the Australian attitude and should not be accepted at all.

Postcode: 2259
I will try as hard as possible to treat everybody equal no matter who they are or their parents or where they come from.

I have been in high-school for almost 3 years now and in that time, I have witnessed numerous events of racist comments and just in general racism. Our school isn't that big and that just goes to show that no matter how small or big the school, racism is still present in our everyday environment. I myself have never been targeted and I hope it will stay that way. But I've been bullied against for other reasons and I hate the feeling. You have my full support for the goal and principles of anti-racism education and I will work towards eliminating racism from our schools and society as a whole.

Racisy remarks are used by people who can't think of anything really witty or smart to say to people.

Racism is bad.

Postcode: 8524
i believe that every race has a place in australia, and to discriminate against those who are a different colour is stupid. Our nation should get over themselves and except each others differences!

i think that supporting anti-racism is important for all people especially students to be aware of. Racism is stupid and unfair and shouldn't happen in any schools.

Postcode: 2137
i strongly believe that both children and adults should be encouraged to put an end to racism. children who think racism is acceptable and who are racist should be taught the truth.

Postcode: 2205
God created all people equal. He did not make anyone better than anyone else. We all are made the same, we just have different coloured skin. We all have feelings and we all deserve respect no matter where we come from or what we look like.

Postcode: 2192
Racism is very wrong and should be stopped. Everyone should feel accepted no matter who they are, where they come from, what they look like or what they beleive in.

Postcode: 2137
i think that racism is ridiculous as we are all one! i think that a good idea for schools, and even communities should do, is maybe to hold festivals for all of different race so we could acknowledge them, they could have days where people from each culture could bring in native food from their countries, so everyone can be a part of different cultures. schools should work on racism by reinforcing rules such as if being bullied (being teased for their race) serious consequences will be faced. communities based can really work on racism by helping people understand cultures, maybe by providing more information. Racism is extremely bad and we should all work together to put a stop to it.

Postcode: 2170
every single person has something special they can teach you, something that they can give you that no other person can give.If you single out a person for any reason you're missing out on what they could teach you. and you never know what they teach you could be something that helps you out in your future

Postcode: 2135
don't judge people for what they look like, what their last name is, or other things like that. just accept them for who they are and not by the critical things which the media says about their background. embrace their culture and you'll enjoy more than you thought. give them the respect that you would want if the situation was reversed.

Postcode: 2138
I think racism is really bad. We should all be in agreement and work together to get rid of racism in australia.

Postcode: 2137
I think that racism is one of the biggest problems in schools today and I believe a way to combat it is to teach the teachers how to deal with this problem among the students.

Postcode: 4211
I am training to become a primary education teacher and this website is one given to critically analyse. I think the resources and information are great and i thoroughly endorse this initiative in schools. Awareness of this issue is needed.

Postcode: 97405
I will try my best to stomp out racism.

Postcode: 3180
I think racism is a big offence and should be stopped. I am 14 years old and have seen people be racist to people and those people get really hurt. So I think stongly against racism.

Postcode: 7005
Racism is a very degrading aspect of life for someone who comes from a different country. Everyone should be equal and respected as a human being. I, myself am an Indian living in Australia and I know that if I experience racism I would feel very sad and disappointed in Australia. Racism! No Way!

Postcode: 2756
"Hath not everyone hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions?
Fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same summer and winter as anyone else is?
If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die?"
-The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare.

Postcode: 99352
You know I think racism is really wrong and I will do anything to help to get rid of it.

Postcode: 0870
Racism, I just hate it! Many people think racism is a joke. But it's not! Racists don't care about other poeple - people from other cultures and countries. We should make peace in the world so the world would be a better place to live in.

Postcode: 0870
Please stop racism. It's not good. It doesn't help anyone or anything. We are all the same; some of us just have different coloured skin or speak a different language. I don't like racism and I'm sure you don't either. We have to come together and work it out and STOP racism.

Postcode: 0870
Hi I'm Tara and I think something should be done about racism. We should forget past differences and all be friends.Why can't we get along? All I ever wish is us all being one people. So what? Some people are different! That dosen't mean we can't still believe in our own culture or religion. No matter what, everyone is always going to be diferent.

Postcode: 0870
I wish racism would stop. It doesn't matter if you're black or white. It doesn't matter if you're tall or small. It doesn't matter if you're from a different country. It doesn't matter if you speak a different language. We all are one. We are all human beings.

Postcode: 0870
I pledge my support to help fight racism. I have been picked on in many racist ways, so I know how it feels. I will do all I can to get rid of racism in Australia and maybe in the world.

Postcode: 0870
I wish racism would stop. Racism is cruel. Don't be racists to people from different countries or people that speak a different language. We are all the same inside. We need to stop racism so the world can be a happier place to live in.

Postcode: 0870
Racism should not exsist.It hurts people.It doesn't matter what colour you are we are all the same.We need to respect all people.We need to work together to live in a peaceful world.

Postcode: 0870
Racism hurts people and makes them sad. Imagine if the world was a peaceful place. It doesn't matter what colour you are, or what country you're from. We must tell people if they are being racist. We must tell racist people that we don't agree with them. We must speak out. We are all one.

Postcode: 0870
Racism has to be dealt with. When iIwas young iIwitnessed lots of racism. I knew exactly how the people felt. They felt sad and I thought racism should come to a STOP!!! Racism flows around the world and people pick it up. I know lots about racism because my mum is a human rights committee member and is a social worker. We need to STOP racism. Our world should be an anti-racist world where people respect each other's cultures.

_Postcode: 0870
I believe racism is a horrible thing.There is no need for it.We all live in the same world, breathe the same air and all have red blood flowing though our veins.I'm sure every culture would like to see racism stop.We all have to work together.

Postcode: 0870
I will do anything to counter racism in our schools and community. I don't know why people are racist. We are all the same. We should all come togeter and STOP this nonsense.

Postcode: 0870
Racism is one of the worst things on this earth. We all have to realise that everyone is the same on the inside. Everyone has rights everywhere. We have to respect everyone and their culture. The world would be a better place if we didn't have racism. We would have more smiling faces and less sad ones. Being a racist is a very disgusting thing to be. You can't judge people by their skin colour or culture. You might find that they are very nice. Racism needs to STOP!!! The world is what we make it!

Postcode: 0870
Racism should be stopped. There's no need for it. We are all the same. No one should be teased because they're different. I wish the world could just live in peace and respect each other's cultures.

Postcode: 0870
I love the racism no way website. It has taught me baout racism in our country. I am proud to be Australian but disgraced to know that our own country is racist. I will try in every way possible to stop racism in my school. We all have red blood and we are all the same.
Don't be racist!!

Postcode: 0870
I've lived in many different countries and in all of them I would see racism. Now I am a full Australian citizen and I think people should be a lot more anti-racist. Think About This!!:


Postcode: 0870
Please stop racism it's not good and it does not help anything or anyone so STOP

Postcode: 2290
Your website is fantastic and inspiring. I wish I had found it ages ago not just stumbled on it by mistake. As a student teacher and mother I definitely encourage social justice for all. I will definitely be spreading your website address.

Racism needs to be done with. We are all one nation - Black, White, Asian or Hispanic. I experience racism in my home, against my friends or boyfriends. I think that racism is the most ignorant thing in the world today. Don't take part in it, be against it.

Postcode: 92595
Hello. I'm in a school group called Peer Helpers. In this group, we learn about how to help fellow peers and learn to fight against things like violence, drugs, gangs and racism. Race is a big deal at my middle school. The Whites stay with the Whites, the Mexicans with the Mexicans and the Blacks with the Blacks. This isn't much of a comment, but more of a question. I would like to help my school fight against racism. Peer Helpers helps a lot but we still need more support from some kind of program that can help my fellow students get rid of racism. I used to be racist against Whites, but I have now overcome that by being more aware that race is no reason for discrimination. I am discriminated against daily because of my race. The so called Skinheads or Whites drive by with their friends, parents/guardians and families. Racism isn't right. A lot of people act as if they're not Hispanic, Black or White so they don't get discriminated against. This needs to stop. You should be proud of where you come from and your background and help fight racism.

Postcode: 3082
I hate racism and being from a European background, I know what it can feel like.

Postcode: 10025
Do you have a forum to discuss practices in classrooms and ways to enhance democratic processes and compassion building among learners of all ages? (Webkeeper's note: There is a teachers' forum on the site)

Postcode: 07206
(Racism is) One of the things that I mostly dislike in the world. I will try my best to stop it or speak up about it to anyone. I just wanna say that I'm happy that all of my friends are against racism too.

Postcode: 6164
I believe every child should have the right to a safe and happy educational environment and not made to feel ashamed of who they are.

Postcode: sw178nf
More stuff on racism.

Postcode: 2759
I plan to write a Personal Interest Project related to racism for my HSC Society and Culture class. I think that the general Australian population never really conquered racism, it just thinks it has. These days racism goes as much both ways as it used to go one way. This has to stop and I need to get involved if it is going to stop. I encourage everyone to get involved and work for a better Australia because I for one want my future children to grow up in a world of peace and mutual respect, not hatred and violence.

Postcode: 3930
I am a student teacher and I will be beginning my teaching career next year. I think this is one of the most valuable sites that I have ever seen. As an Anglo-Celtic Australian who has an unreserved love and appreciation for cultural diversity, I feel passionate about eliminating racism. I have every intention of using the fantastic resources within this site to ensure that my teaching is inclusive and to provide my students with as many facts as possible. Thank you.

Postcode: BH15 4BQ
Racism sux. It isn't cool. It's also tight (cruel) on the people that you are being racist to.

Postcode: 5136
Racism sux!

Postcode: 2234

Postcode: HU4 6NA
I'm starting an anti-prejudice campaign and fully support you and would be grateful for more information.

Postcode: 3825

Postcode: 5245
I would like to voice my opinion on racism at schools in Australia, because I would like to help create a safer environment for this and the next generations to come!

Postcode: 5067
Hi, my name is Sarah. I am 10 yrs old, and I am really surprised that there is racism going on. I think there should be none so the world is peaceful and just.

Postcode: 6026
I am a member of a political party... I will help in any way I can.

Postcode: 2533

Postcode: 4380
No one should suffer because they are different, 'cause we are one nation, we live on the same planet.

Postcode: 14710
Hello, I am 12 years old and I want people to understand that you can't discriminate against people just because they have a different culture, skin color, religion or anything. I'm sick of people, mostly white people, doing this to blacks. It happens more with whites saying bad and cruel things about blacks, Puerto Ricans, everyone.

Racism is quite a problem at my school. My school is mainly Anglo-Saxon dominated and I hear a lot of racist comments being made. Racism is disgusting and I look forward to a time when racism will be eradicated.

Postcode: 3500
I know how people feel because I am black and crusty.

Postcode: 6050
I wanted to pledge my support for RACISM. NO WAY! and am heartened to see so much good information, especially the school activities, on your website. It would be my wish that every person, of every race could feel the beauty in the difference each of us brings to make up a human world, that we could express that appreciation to each other instead of fear and ignorance that makes me feel ashamed to be 'white'. Imagine our sadness if the music was only in one key -if we were a world where all the flowers were only one colour - if the food we ate only had one spice - there is the absurdity of racism.

It was awesome.

Postcode: 2774
I believe that racism is a horrible thing and nobody deserves to be discriminated against based on where they were born and what they believe.

Sarah-Jane, Jaci and Kate
Postcode: 4350
We think that racism is uncalled for. Everyone should all be treated fairly and equally. We just want everyone to be happy within themselves and shine like stars. People should not be worried about what other people think and we as kind and loving human beings should not JUDGE!! As we ourselves are not perfect we shouldn't have high expectations of other people.

Postcode: SO53 3RP
I am white and my boyfriend is black. I think that people should treat each other the same, no matter what, black or white.

Postcode: 2035
I hate racism and redneck behaviour

Postcode: 2550
As a part of the SRC at high school, I want our school to be as anti-racist as possible.

Postcode: 2446
I totally disagree with racism and encourage you to continue the good work.

Postcode: 6430
Hello everybody. My name is Derek and I'm an Aboriginal and I've had a look at this website and I like it heaps. My status is that I'm 17 and in a wheelchair. Let's bond together to fight racism as a collective group of decent Australians.

Postcode: 2073
Racism is stupid. Three of my best friends are Asian and African, but I don't care. They are very nice people. Just because they have different coloured skin to me doesn't mean that they are aliens or something and I think it is wrong what the white people did to the Aborigines and I hope it will get sorted out fully.

Postcode: 2308
As both a researcher and advocate of multicultural education, I commend this site on its commitment to making cultural equity a reality in our schools. The interactive and multifocus structure of the site is great for students, teachers and researchers alike.

Postcode: 2095
I'm a proud Australian until I'm made to accept the fact that I am a citizen of a racist country. Nothing is more ridiculous than discriminating against a skin colour. When we finally have a country which works together then we can start to fix up everything else with it.

Postcode: 2077
I strongly support the goal of eradicating racism from our society. I believe that education is the key to unlearn behaviour from adults. What I am worried about is what we do with the adults perpetuating this nonsense in the first place? How do we as a society reach these people? We can as people unlearn bad behaviour. What can I do?


Postcode: 2200
The Australian Arabic Communities Council since its inception in 1979 has constantly worked for and supported the principles of anti-racism, not only in education, but across all sections of the community.

Angel Lynn
Postcode: 14606

Postcode 2603
I believe it is very important to be role models to young children and young people...having had a look at my own upbringing and challenging adult racism. I am happy to say that being supportive in anti-racism education makes me very proud and gives me true peace and contentment within my soul. As a child innocence without prejudice..

Postcode: 5069
Live in peace. Ignore colour or race, we are all humans and we all feel the same emotions.

Postcode: 2158
When are human beings going to start treating each other as being more similar than different? We are after all humans. Let's focus on people's behaviour instead of arbitrary notions of colour and race. Let us say, "I am, you are, we are Australian".

Postcode: 3058
I would like to be involved in with Serb people of Victoria.

Postcode: 2575
I feel every person in this world has the right to be who they are and receive acceptance and tolerance from their wider community.

Postcode: 2038
I support the Racism. No way! objectives.

Postcode: 2210
I am committed to contributing to the development of a society free of racism.

Postcode: 2779
Hi. I would just like to say that racism is growing more and more in public schools. I witness racism even amongst Year 12 students. I find racism very upsetting even though it doesn't get thrown upon me but on my friends.

Postcode: 4701

Postcode: 3707
Peace, love and empathy.

Postcode: 3161
What can I say? A worthy cause.


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