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K.1: Calendar events

Theme: Developing identity and self-esteem
Age Group: Kindergarten
Learning Area: Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
Outcomes: INES1.3

Content descriptor

Students develop ability to relate well to others by acknowledging a diversity of significant events such as birthdays and festivals.

Teachers notes

  1. Daily, weekly or monthly use of a multicultural calendar such as the Calendar for cultural diversity 2016 [PDF] will assist students to understand the nature of diverse cultural celebrations, national and international special days as well as highlight individual students’ birthdays.
  2. Birthdays of students which occur during school holidays may be recognised at the beginning or end of term.
  3. Note that in some cultures and beliefs, birthdays are not celebrated. It may be appropriate to substitute other days of significance for some students.



  1. Introduce a multicultural calendar and use it as a resource to construct a class birthday chart. You may use the Calendar for cultural diversity 2016 [PDF]  or similar multicultural calendar.
  2. Write each student’s name against the date of their birthday on the chart.
  3. Each day, week or month, using the calendar and birthday chart, read out the key celebrations or events for that day.
  4. When it is a student’s birthday, point out any other special occasions celebrated on their day. These may also be used as an activity focus.

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