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International Terrorism

Australian Find-a-WordTheme: Countering racism - education, policy, legislation
Learning Area: English - Humanities and social sciences
Age Group: Primary Upper (10-12) - Secondary Lower (13-14) - Secondary Middle (15-16) Resource Type: Handouts Stimulus Name: Commonwealth Racial Discrimination Act (1975)


Students will become familiar with the Act which underpins all anti-racism legislation and education in Australia.


The Racial Discrimination Act (1975) gives effect to Australia's obligations under the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD).

Worksheets to download
Commonwealth Racial Discrimination Act (1975) [RTF]
Group Tasks [RTF]
Crossword Puzzle [JPG]
Cloze Passage [RTF]
Find-a-Word [JPG]

Suggested Activities

Jigsaw activity to facilitate an understanding of the Racial Discrimination Act (1975)

  1. Divide the class into three groups.
    Give each group a task sheet and assign a chairman, a recorder and a reporter.
    Group 1. What is the RDA?
    Group 2. What is unlawful discrimination under the RDA?
    Group 3. How does the RDA work?
  2. Distribute copies of the worksheet Commonwealth Racial Discrimination Act (1975) or direct students to Australian legislation and international law in the Library section of the site.
  3. Groups read the worksheet and research their task.
  4. Groups report back to class.
Additional Strategies
  1. Download a copy of the cloze passage and crossword puzzle for each student, pair or group.Using the word list students complete the cloze and solve the crossword puzzle. Cloze activities encourage group discussion.
  2. Download the Find-a-word worksheet which incorporates the same word list. This may be used for discussion to reinforce the concepts and vocabulary associated with the RDA.

Relevant websites to visit
Australian legislation and international law
HEREOC The Racial Discrimination Act
Commonwealth RDA 1975-Whole Act
Commonwealth Racial Discrimination Act (1975) fact sheet
What is Racism? fact sheet

Date: 31 August 2001