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About Racism

The resources contained in this section have been developed to support the delivery of anti-racism education in the classroom. Included are lesson ideas, activities and stimulus materials which assist students to engage positively with other peoples and cultures and to better understand Australia’s cultural diversity and history.

Understanding racism

What is racism?

An understanding of the nature of racism is essential in order to recognise and counter it successfully.


Glossary of terms related to race and racism.

Cyber racism

What is cyber racism?

Cyber racism as it is defined in broad terms and specifically for Australian schools.

What the research says

Current Australian and international research, studies and statistics provide a strong indication of the nature and extent of cyber racism in Australia.

Case studies

Cyber racism case studies.

Laws around cyber racism

An look at how the individual laws apply may apply to cases of cyber racism.

Cyber safety resources

Cyber safety programs for schools; resources for dealing with and reporting cyber bullying; and contacts for help and further information.


A timeline which presents an overview of key events in Australia’s development as a culturally diverse nation.

Timeline home

Pre 1800





Anti-racism legislation


International conventions and declarations which impose obligations to eliminate racism and racial discrimination when ratified in Australian law.

International law relating to racism & discrimination

Overview and links to international law relating to racism and discrimination and Australia’s obligations to those laws.

Commonwealth of Australia laws and policies

An explanation of anti-racism laws and policies specific to Australia.

State and territory legislation

Racial discrimination laws specific to Australian States and Territories.

Summary of scope of Australian racial discrimination laws

The scope and the interpretation of “race” in each of the acts using terminology contained in those acts.


Online and print references as they refer to anti-racism legislation.

Population statistics

Australia’s cultural diversity

An overview of Australia’s cultural diversity.

Diversity of birthplace

Statistics relating to Australia’s diversity of birthplace. Includes: indigenous, overseas born and refugees.

Diversity of language

Statistics relating to languages spoken in Australia. Includes: Australian indigenous languages.

Diversity of religion & spiritual beliefs

Statistics relating to diversity of religion and spiritual beliefs in Australia. Includes: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander spirituality.