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Junior crossword: Discrimination

Print this page and complete. When you have finished, check the solution to see how you went.

Note: Puzzle grids will automatically resize for best results when printing.
To print the solution with the puzzle, ensure it is displayed on screen (click the ‘Solution’ link on this page) prior to printing.


  • 3. Equal treatment which has an unfair effect on some racial groups is called _____ racial discrimination (8)
  • 5. Intentional or unintentional discrimination by institutions against particular groups is called ______(13)
  • 7. Unfair treatment of people because they belong to a particular group (14)
  • 8. Discrimination on the basis of race (6)
  • 10. Public act which is likely to insult, humiliate or intimidate (12)
  • 11. An idea or image which portrays members of groups as having the same characteristics or attributes (10)
  • 12. Fear or hatred of foreigners (10)


  • 1. Treating people unfairly because of their race is called _____ racial discrimination (6)
  • 2. A preconceived negative opinion or attitude (9)
  • 4. Racism expressed by individuals is called ____ racism (10)
  • 6. A prejudice or preference (4)
  • 9. Behaviour which offends, humiliates or intimidates a person (10)
Anti-discrimination crossword grid


Anti-discrimination crossword puzzle solved