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Senior crossword: Languages of the world

Print this page and complete. When you have finished, check the solution to see how you went.

Note: Puzzle grids will automatically resize for best results when printing.
To print the solution with the puzzle, ensure it is displayed on screen (click the ‘Solution’ link on this page) prior to printing.


  • 4.  Chinese dialect widely spoken in northern, central and western China (8)
  • 5.  Official language of Wales (5)
  • 8.  Language spoken in Samoa and parts of New Zealand (6)
  • 9.  Language spoken in Somalia and Ethiopia (6)
  • 10.  Official language of Holland. Also spoken in Belgium and parts of Africa (5)
  • 11.  Official language of Spain and many south and central American countries (7)
  • 13.  An Australian creole, spoken in various forms, throughout northern Australia (5)
  • 15.  An Australian Indigenous language spoken in central Australia (8)
  • 16.  Celtic language which includes Irish, Scottish and Welsh varieties (6)
  • 18.  Official language of Russia. Also spoken in a number of nearby countries (7)
  • 20.  Official language of Vietnam. Also spoken in parts of Cambodia and Laos (10)
  • 22.  Official language of the Phillipines (7)
  • 23.  Most widely spoken language in India. Also spoken in Fiji and parts of Africa (5)
  • 24.  Official language of North and South Korea (6)


  • 1.  Official language of Poland. Also spoken in parts of Russia (6)
  • 2.  Official language of Australia. Also spoken in many other countries (7)
  • 3.  Slavic language which includes Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian varieties (5,8)
  • 6.  Language spoken in south-eastern India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia (5)
  • 7.  Official language of Turkey. Also spoken in parts of nearby countries (7)
  • 12.  Official language of many countries of the Middle East and North Africa (6)
  • 14.  Official language of Italy. Also spoken in Switzerland and North Africa (7)
  • 17.  Official language of Greece. Also spoken in Cyprus (5)
  • 19.  Official language of Germany and Austria (6)
  • 21.  Official language of Cambodia (5)
  • 22.  A northern Australian Indigenous language spoken on the Tiwi Islands (4)
Crossword grid: Senior puzzle - anguage


Senior crossword puzzle 'Languages' solved